Blog Weekly Schedule


 Miscellaneous Monday – we will go through anything & everything not covered throughout the week, such as:  different tools, theories on planting, problems with insects, rodents & other wild animals, composting etc.

 Vegetables or Herbs – we will focus on a different herb or veggie each Tuesday – with practical steps on how to plant, grow & harvest (even vegetable recipes).

 Mid-week recipe – baking or cooking – always using produce from the garden (including frozen, canned & dehydrated produce).

 Back-to-Basics – I realize that every reader is at a different level, so I decided to reserve Thursdays for beginners.  Basic information on planting, preserving, harvesting & cooking.

 Fruit or Flowers – similar to Tuesday’s format – we will focus on one type of flower or fruit each Friday with practical “how-to” steps (recipes with fruit also).

 Preserving – which includes practical steps on freezing, canning and dehydrating.  Making the summer’s produce last well into the winter. (also - recipes using our preserved produce)
  SUNDAY  The Alpha & Omega – the beginning & the end – whether you view Sunday as the last restful day of the week or the first fresh start to the week; Sunday is set aside for a Bible verse & discussion

The Great Blog Train is the first Wednesday of every month (see below) - all other Blog hops whether it is the "Themed Blog & Shop Hop" or any other hop that I co-host will be any day of the week.

ALL YEAR - The posting will be at least every other day: Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday and then the next week will be: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday
Repeated over & over.  At times the posting will be everyday - depends on the season. 


All Aboard!!!

A monthly blog hop "chug-a-lugging" around the world

Join the 3 of us
Helen - Blue Eyed Beauty Blog & myself) on the first Wednesday of every month!

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