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I am so thankful to all of the wonderful people out there who visit and support this blog! 
Thank you to all of my fantastic Sponsors - I just love promoting your amazing websites!!

I hesitated posting this on my blog today, however, many of you may not realize all of the time & effort that goes into creating this blog.  All of the information that you see here, all of the recipes and gardening tips are free - I don't charge a subscription fee & I don't plan on charging a subscription in the future. 

That being said - if you enjoy what you read here and would like to show your appreciation to me in form of monetary support then I would be greatly thankful.  Simply choose a "support option" (amount) below and then click on the yellow "Support this blog" button and you will be forwarded to PayPal. 
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As a way of saying thank you for your Support I will email you a copy of my ebook: "My Cookie Creation Countdown" - a compilation of my top 10 favorite cookie recipes that are either my own creation or family recipes passed down from generation to generation.  After your support has been sent - simply click on the "Claim your ebook" link and I will email you my book.
NOTE:  I am NOT a charity and there will be NO tax break for supporting this blog - Thank you.


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