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Best Tasting Clean Water with Berkey Water Filters - Save Thousands of Dollars!

Berkey Water

I have been using Berkey Water Filters for over a decade now and I have never tasted water so delicious!!!  I don't drink pop and I barely ever drink juice anymore because this water is just that good!  

The Berkey Water Filters are easy to use and no electricity required!! - Gravity does the work for you!
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I looked up a few water statistics on

These stats are from 2012 - the average person uses 167 bottles of water per year and the average bottle of Evan Water costs $1.35 per bottle

Using those statistics lets do some simple math:
One person uses 167 bottles per year - let's say that your family has 4 members multiply the number of bottles per person by 4 to get the total household number:

167 x 4 = 668

So that's 668 bottles of water per household of 4 for 1 year.

And if 1 bottle costs $1.35 then multiply that by 668

668 x 1.35 = 901.80

That is $901.80 a year that a family of four spends on bottled water!!! - That's almost one thousand dollars a year!!!

Berkey water filter

Today I am focusing on the cost of drinking clean water - in a later post we will look at the health aspects and environmental issues.

So, let's compare those prices to the Berkey (I have owned my Berkey for almost 12 years - so we will look at a 12 year time period):

The initial container & filters for my Berkey costs - $231.00
New filters are needed every 3 years at $100 for each new filter set (2 filters are needed per Berkey) so in 12 years I changed my filters 3 times -remember the initial container kit comes with filters) which is an additional $300 for filters over 12 years (4 total sets of filters were used but the initial package comes with a set of filters)

231 + 300 = 531

That's $531 for 12 years of the most delicious water available & NO ELECTRICITY COSTS!

So how much would it cost to buy 12 years of bottled water for a family of 4?

901.80 x 12 = 10,821.60

That's $10,821.60 spent to buy a family of four bottled water over 12 years!!!!!

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Using those statistics - if you buy a Berkey water filter you could potentially save
$10, 290.60 over the course of 12 years!!

Berkey Water Filter

Special Note:  I will receive a small percentage if any Berkey is sold using the links provided in this blog post - so Thank you ahead of time if you plan on buying a Berkey using the links provided here today.
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