Monday, June 11, 2012

Garden Gazing Globe

Garden Gazing Globe

Anything sparkly and colorful always attracts my eye - my husband says that it's a good thing that I'm not a trout.  This gazing globe is exactly that kind of sparkly thing that I can't resist.  We have always had this ugly metal block sitting in the middle of the yard (it's the well water cap - I think), so a few years ago I set out to disguise that cap.  We had the stand to a bird bath (the bird bath itself had cracked years ago) and it happened to fit perfectly over the well cap.  There you have it - I planted flowers around the base.  The final touch was a gift from my husband - they are these wonderful solar globe lights that change color (see the last picture).


The flowers are still young but will fill in nicely later in the season.

It's not exactly centered - but close enough for me.
My night photography skills are not great - as you can see by the fuzzy picture above


  1. Oh wow, that's a lovely disguise!! The flowers will be beautiful around it when they grow a bit, and the lights are so fun! How nice of your hubby!

  2. Fun! What a perfect way to keep it (fairly) accessible and turn it into something so pleasant to look at!

  3. I like it when people make-do rather then creating something
    entirely new. That was a great idea for disguising an ugly
    necessity. Sometimes it is good to think "outside the box"!


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