Sunday, March 12, 2017

Give Careful Thought To Your Ways - Be Practical

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Give Careful Thought To Your Ways - Be Practical

We live in a society of extravagant waste while at the same time it's members have a constant feeling of lacking everything.  Many in our modern world have no idea what it is like to live beneath our means (spending less than we make).  Today we are going to focus on trying to be practical.

Let's break down the featured Scripture point by point:

You have planted much, but harvest little.
Of course we could take this literally to mean a farmer and his crop but in modern terms to me this is referring to our home.  Be practical - if you need a new roof then yes, that should be fixed but what about changing the color of the walls or buying new furniture just because "it's not the current style?"  It is not our right to constantly be in vogue.  Make use of what you currently have and be practical - create your own style with what you have.  You've heard of the saying: "if it's not broken don't fix it" - that is practical.
You eat, but never have enough.
I'm sure that most of us would be ashamed if we honestly admitted how much food we throw away each week.  Why buy more snacks/food when your fridge is full of items?  Yes, you might not be in the mood for those items but why waste just to keep your taste buds happy?  Or maybe the waste is just because you did not plan properly.  Be practical with your food.
You drink, but never have your fill.
This of course could mean alcohol or what about coffee?  How much do you spend on "fancy coffees" (as my husband calls them) each week?  Whatever your weakness, it is very expensive.  Also, both of these beverages are addicting and not worth the monetary waste.  Be practical with your drinking habits.
You put on clothes, but are not warm.
So many of the current fashions are totally not practical.  It might not even be about wearing the correct Winter gear to stay warm.  What about squeezing into those giant heels? - Only then having to spend thousands at the Podiatrist to find out why your feet are bothering you so much.  Also, many of the fashions are almost sinful - ask yourself honestly:  would you be embarrassed wearing that outfit in front of Jesus?  Be smart and practical about what you wear. 

You earn wages, only to put them in a purse with holes in it.
This is the motto for "living below our means."  Never spend more than what you make.  Yes, most of us do have a mortgage but we should only buy a house that we can honestly afford through that mortgage.  Never buy anything that you "want" until you have paid all of the bills for that month first - it's just that simple.

Think before you spend and BE PRACTICAL

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