Sunday, March 19, 2017

Mustard Seeds and Pennies

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Mustard Seeds & Pennies

The smallest of things in life are often the most valuable or the most important.  Things like diamonds, saffron, or what about a child's first step? - these are all tiny but valuable.

In todays featured Scripture Jesus compared a mustard seed to the first step in a believer's life.  It might begin with a kind word or action from a neighbor/friend that is planted into one's life.  This word/act then grows and becomes the first stage of faith that then grows into a beautiful tree.  This "tree" (a Christian) then spreads more seeds by living a Christ centered life and thereby growing an orchard.  This cycle continues for hundreds of years.  The number of trees in this example would be exponential over that period of time which of course symbolizes the Kingdom of God (eternity) in this parable.

I believe that the meaning behind this parable can also be applied to our personal and financial life.  It is the small important things that can grow into more valuable options.  Even if we are talking about pennies.  Pennies are important because monetary savings start with that first cent.  Last week we learned about "being practical" in every aspect of our life (click HERE to read that post).  So let's start (financially speaking) by being practical with our change (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters) - I suggest putting a jar by your front door and everyday when you get home put your change from that day into your jar.  You will be surprised at how quickly that jar will become filled.  Then, decide to ONLY use this "jar money" to buy those small treats like that special coffee (or whatever small treat that your family enjoys).  By doing this you will be more likely to have "real" money left over each month (after paying bills).  This "real leftover money" can then be saved and eventually invested to grow and grow.

Use common "cents" when striving to be Christ-like in your personal finances.

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