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Triangle Poppy Seed Cookie RECIPE - "Hamantaschen"

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Triangle Poppy Seed Cookie RECIPE - "Hamantaschen"

These cute cookies are not one of my own recipes.  All of the other recipes that I share on this blog are either my own creation, or passed down from a family member.   

This is a Jewish cookie and it has a very interesting history.  Click HERE to read "The Book of Esther & the Triangle Cookie".

Below, on the right is a picture of this recipe - it was on the inside of the SOLO Poppy Seed can label.  (below the picture is a printable link for this recipe)

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I will not be going into the regular detailed description for this recipe (the reason is that SOLO has the instructions in the recipe above).  My pictures follow along with their instructions.

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It is important to split the ball of dough into two sections before putting in the fridge.

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I double wrapped before placing in the fridge (wax paper and then in ziplock bag)

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Be sure to seal the triangle ridges because otherwise it opens up in the oven and does not look as pretty as it should.

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The egg wash is also important.

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Remove from the cookie sheet and cool on a rack.  Careful - the poppy seeds are VERY hot when first out of the oven.


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