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Fill Your Mind With These 8 Things


Fill Your Mind With These 8 Things:

In the most recent "God's Power Within Us" post, we focused on God's power through the Holy Spirit filling our minds.  
That made me realize that I have never written a post on one of my favorite Scripture passages:  Philippians 4:8 (see below):


We will go through and define each thought type but first - let's define: THINK.

Think - to form or have in the mind

In the New King James Version the word "meditate" is used instead of "think" - let's define:

Meditate - to focus one's thoughts on

Now we will detail the meaning of all 8 desired thoughts (I also looked up each word or thought in the "Blue Letter Bible" which gives the original Greek word and meaning) :


True - in accordance with fact or reality;  correct, accurate, exact
GREEK word:  "alethes" - true (as in not concealing) 


Noble - superiority of character of ideals or morals;  honorable, principled
GREEK word:  "semnos" - venerable, honorable


Right - being in accordance with what is proper or good;  virtuous, blameless
GREEK word:  "dikaios" - holy, just


Pure - free from what vitiates, weakens or pollutes;  unadulterated, uncontaminated
GREEK word:  "hagnos" - innocent, modest, perfect, clean


Lovely - beautiful - especially in a charming or pleasing way;  exquisite, enchanting
GREEK word:  "prosfeelace" - acceptable


Admirable - deserving the highest esteem;  commendable, worthy, marvelous
GREEK word:  "euphemos" - reputable, well-spoken  


Excellent - of the highest or finest quality, outstanding, brilliant, exceptional
GREEK word:  "arete" - properly, virtue


Praiseworthy - worthy of praise, highly commendable, exemplary
GREEK word:  "epainos" - laudation (praise commendation), commendable
If we train our mind to only focus on these positive things - then even during difficult and stressful times we will thrive in the Holy Spirit.  Don't leave any room in your mind for the "father of lies" to creep in and make a stronghold.

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