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Strange Stuff#3 - 4/8/2024 Eclipse & Nineveh


Strange Stuff #3 - 4/8/2024 Eclipse & Nineveh

This is the third post in the series called: "Strange Stuff".  So many people shudder or blindly flee from anything labeled "conspiracy."  Why should we trust a single person's opinion that a certain topic is a "conspiracy theory"?

Let's begin by defining:
Conspiracy Theory - (Merriam-Webster) a theory that explains an event or set of circumstances as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators.   

Well, I am NOT a "Conspiracy Theorist" but rather a "Conspiracy Analyst."


Our second topic in this series was "Moonths"

Today we are going to focus on the 4/8/2024 Eclipse that will occur on Monday.  We are not just focusing on the eclipse but the interesting pathway that it will take.

First let's define the type of eclipse:
Total Eclipse -  occurs when the moon completely covers the sun

The first thing that will come up when you search "eclipse & Nineveh" online will be a "fact checker" (or "narrative manipulator"-  as I like to call them) article claiming that what I am about to show you is not true because the eclipse will not be visible at 100% in all Nineveh locations.  Anyway, on Monday, the eclipse is supposed to be seen by 8 different cities/towns called "Nineveh".  That is absolutely amazing and CAN NOT (in my opinion) just be a coincidence.  I believe this is a message from God our Heavenly Father.  After all, God made the sun, moon & stars for signs:


Below is a list of the "Nineveh" towns/cities where the eclipse will be seen in some strength/percentage:

Nineveh, Texas
Nineveh, Missouri
Nineveh, Virginia
Nineveh, Indiana
Nineveh, Ohio
Nineveh, Pensylviania
Nineveh, New York
Nineveh, Nova Scotia (Canada)

If you recall, "Nineveh" was the name of the city in the Old Testament account of "Jonah & the whale."  
Let's refresh our memories with a quick summary:
- God told Jonah to go into the city of Nineveh and warn the citizens in that large city to repent from their wicked, evil ways or pay the consequences of total destruction.
- Instead of obeying God's command, Jonah tried to run away from God and boarded a ship headed to Tarshish.
- While on that ship, God sent a wild storm that was about to wreck the ship.  Jonah was sleeping in the lower quarters of the ship but the crew drew lots and found out the reason for the storm was Jonah's disobedience.
- Jonah finally admitted his guilt and told the crew to throw him overboard (which they did , after which the storm stopped)
- the "great fish" swallowed Jonah (see verses below).
- the people of Nineveh repented and their lives were spared by God. 


Numbers (Biblical numerology) have always been important and very significant.  The number three has been very symbolic and powerful for Jesus - click HERE to read "Jesus & the Number 3".

Notice that Jonah was in the belly of the whale for "three days & three nights".  Also, it took him three days to spread the warning over the entire large city of Nineveh.

Then there's the number forty - here are just a few examples of the Biblical significance of the number 40:
- Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness fasting & praying
- The great flood (Noah & the flood) lasted for 40 days
- Moses was with God on Mount Sinai for 40 days
- The warning that God told Jonah to announce to the inhabitants of Nineveh was that they would have 40 days to repent from their evil ways

If we apply these 40 days literally to the eclipse of 2024, that would take us to May 19th, 2024  (I am NOT making any date predictions - it's just an interesting possibility).  
That means the month of April and most of May should be spent in prayer and repentance.   


What should we learn from this comparison of the Nineveh of old to current day society?
1.  Do what God has asked you to do or proclaim all warnings that God (through the Holy Spirit) has put on your heart to say.
2.  Heed any warning sent by God
3.  Repent and praise God!

Nobody can hide from God!
If you feel led by God to stand up and speak up then I suggest you do it now!!  Otherwise, you might find yourself in the belly of a whale.

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  1. I love your idea of calling fact checkers "online manipulators" ha ha. That's awesome. That is crazy that they labeled the Nineveh theory not true because the eclipse won't be visible 100%. These fact checkers do that all the time! They pick out one little detail of a story, find something wrong with it, and label the entirety of the story untrue. Today, and the days that follow should be very interesting.


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