Sunday, July 17, 2011

As a North Wind Brings Rain

"As a north wind brings rain, so a sly tongue brings angry looks."  Proberbs 25:23

It's interesting when thinking about wind and rain:  in a split second a breeze can blow in and when thinking about rain it is very difficult to contain.  Rain blown by a strong wind can be painful and stings unprotected skin. 

A sly tongue is quick (just like water rolling off the tongue), uncontrollable and hurtful.  I think "angry looks" is the least of what results from a "sly tongue."  I looked up the meaning of sly and 2 meanings stood out - "deceitfully clever" and "playfully mischievous."  Both meanings have a bad side and a good side.  If we throw out the bad (deceitful and mischievous) and merge the good we would get "playfully clever."  Words are out of our mouth like a strong breeze sometimes causing a driving rain.  Let's try to pay more attention to the words that we use and the way that we use our words.

Lord please help us as we try to control our words.

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