Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tomato Strainer

Happy Labor Day!!

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Victorio Food Strainer

During tomato season this "Victorio Food Strainer" is my favorite canning tool (machine really).  As you can see by the picture above this machine attaches to a table or counter and it turns raw tomatoes into tomato juice by separating the seeds and skins from the pulp.  It is not electric (although there are some models available that are electic) - this model is a hand-crank style. 

Raw washed tomatoes ready to be turned into sauce through the Victorio strainer

After you wash and cut the tomatoes in half (I use Roma Tomatoes) - place them in the top funnel part of this machine. 

Now turn the crank with one hand while pushing the tomatoes through the funnel with the "red tomato masher" (NEVER put your hands in the funnel while turning the crank).  The sauce will glide down the white slide while the tomato skins and seeds will drop out of the left side (see picture above - the seeds and skins are dropping into the silver bowl on the left).

I also use this food strainer for applesauce, pearsauce and some jellies.  Another namebrand that has a similar machine is "Squeezo".

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