Friday, February 24, 2012

Flower Friday - Rose Jewelry

The necklace shown above is still available in my Etsy shop click ROSE to view more details.

Flower Friday - Rose Jewelry

All of the rose pictures that I used for these Rose Garden Gems are photos that I took from my father's Rose garden.  At one point my dad had 100 rose bushes around his house - he started all of these rose bushes himself.  He has a technique for starting rose bushes from a cutting or even from a dozen cut roses that you would buy at a florist shop (In the summer I will be starting a monthly or bi-monthly post called "Frank's Flowers" where I will be sharing these techniques and sharing some pictures of the gorgeous roses from my dad's garden).

The rose in this necklace shown above is called "Rolly" and it is still available in my Etsy shop click ROLLY to view more details.

"Eiffel Tower" is the name of the rose bud shown in these earings - I wish I could share the wonderful scent of this rose.  These earings shown above sold but If you would like to see more pictures then click TOWER .


  1. Lovely Pieces!

    Thanks for visiting my blog:)

  2. Wonderful jewelry :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. What beautiful, rose jewelry, I look forward to the Franks Flowers posts, with rose tips and tricks, the condo we bought has roses in our tiny back yard, 5 plants and I am just learning the ins and outs of how to care and trim and all that!

  4. Thank you all! I'l so glad that you are looking forward to "Frank's Flowers" Joyce - you will love rose gardening.


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