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God's Power Within Us #9 - Through the Truth of God's Creation

Today we continue learning about God's Power within us.  God's Word is full of passages talking about His power and showing us that we have nonstop access to His strength every second of every day.

Today we will be focusing on Romans 1:18-23

Remember, Jesus said that we (Spirit filled Christians) are able to perform all of the miraculous works that Jesus did when He was here in human form.  Actually, Jesus said that we would do EVEN GREATER than what He did (see Scripture passage below).


John 14:12-14 also shows us how powerful the name of Jesus Christ is:  "If you ask anything in My name".  (It is important to note that these miracles must glorify our Heavenly Father).

Below is the featured "power" passage for June:

Romans 1:18-23

Sometimes we can't see what is right in front of us - that's similar to what we will be studying today.
Truth is powerful and truth is vital to living a life that glorifies God our Heavenly Father.

Look at verses 18 and 19 below:


We learn that God's wrath (strong punishment) is being poured out on anyone who suppresses the truth!!!  There's a whole lot of truth filtering, banning and twisting going on today on social media and anywhere in the media.

In verse 20 below we learn that God's power is eternal - never ending.  Also, the most important point is the fact that God's power is right in front of our faces every second of every day in His creation.  I especially like the last line in verse 20:
"so that people are without excuse."
We can never say "oh, I didn't know" because God's amazing creation is everywhere, every second of every day.  


Thinking will become futile when anyone ignores or twists God's truth (see Scripture below).


Let's define the word futile:

Futile - of no importance, useless, worthless

God created this glorious earth and everything in it - just read the first line of the Bible in Genesis.  God made us the center of His creation - in other words, He created abundance for us!  There was no "big bang" - all of that nonsense is obviously satan's deception - just look at what Nasa did a few years ago:

Did you know that in Hebrew the word "nasa" means deception, to lead astray?
(If you want to watch some videos about what the Bible says about God's creation then click HERE to view a playlist)
Changing or manipulating the creation "model" takes our Heavenly Father out of His own creation.


Defrauding the reality of God's creation has eternal consequences.  Similar to the Bible verses above, I'm sure that we can find many examples from modern day life of these images/idols.    

Truth is power and God's Truth is in every aspect of His glorious creation.  
You have no excuse.

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