Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Importance of Thinning - THE RESULTS

The Importance of Thinning - THE RESULTS

Last year I showed you the difference between a thinned row of carrot seedlings and an unthinned row (Click on "THINNING" to view post). 

Today I am showing you the harvest results:  In the picture above or below you will notice that the carrots in the top cluster are significantly larger than the bunch of carrots in the lower portion of these pictures.  Now, both the small and large carrots tasted delicious but why not get more from your garden by doing this simple step - Thinning. 
It is just so obvious - these pictures speak for themselves -



  1. Wow, that really does make a difference. I seem to remember my folks planting carrot seeds on a tape, which eliminated the need for thinning. I think their reason for using the tape was because the seeds are so small.

    1. That's interesting - did they use a tape measure? or actual sticky tape like scotch tape?


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