Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Memories

See if you can pick out my Uncle Leo - look at the belly   ;-) 

Memorial Day Memories

Memorial day is an American Holiday occurring the last Monday of May - it commemorates all soldiers who died while serving this wonderful country.

I have had many family members who served in a war but thankfully they returned when their service was finished.  I pray for all family members of these heroes lost serving their country.  May God richly bless you!  I'd also like to thank all men & women currently in service - may God keep you safe.

Below is my Great Uncle Leo in his WW2 uniform - he did not see active duty but this is a picture from his training.  As you can see Uncle Leo enjoyed eating - his waist was so large that the United States Army did not have a belt large enough - he used a rope instead.


  1. How interesting that life must have been. I always wonder about WWII veterans and the life they came back to. Your uncle was very handsome too.

  2. Wow Angie. The Army must have had small belts back then :) What did they prefer? Svelte soldiers?

    I never had anyone killed in service, or who was even in the service during any wartime. I do take time to remember those who died in service and those who are serving now, whether wartime or not.


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