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7 Reasons Why We Should Never Fear


7 Reasons Why We Should Never Fear

Recently, I started a new series called "FearNot Fridays".  The world tries to fill almost every second of our day with fear, fear, fear.  It's on the television, computer, phones, in our families, churches, schools, governments - everywhere all the time.  Psalm 23 is probably the most well know Bible passage about not being afraid.  Within these beautiful Bible verse are 7 reasons why we should NEVER fear.


  God provides - in every situation, even when we didn't know that we needed something- He provided.  I looked up the meaning of provide: "to be responsible for, to supply, to make available" - God provides even to the point where we "shall lack nothing"!!


God leads - He is our example and is always making the way for us to follow.  There might be obstacles along the way but He is our leader and will either remove those obstacles or make them small enough for us to deal with.


God restores - again I looked up the meaning of restore: "to bring back to an original condition, to rebuild, to repair."  To me this implies both past and future: He repairs and brings us back to a better time, and in other situations he rebuilds and creates a new and improved self or time.


God guides - This is different than "leading" because it means that He is with us every step of the way - even in "the valley of the shadow of death".  I am reminded of that wonderful poem "Footprints" - He is guiding us always and at the most difficult times even carrying us through!


God comforts - We know that he leads and guides us but He also comforts us in our darkest hour.  He is there calming and reassuring us when we are crying on His shoulder.


God prepares - In this passage it states: "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies."  To me this screams that God is in control.  I just imagine a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings, best china, beautiful centerpiece in a lavish dining room and all of this is being prepare for me and right in front of my enemies!!  God is in control of everything!!


God anointsI looked up the meaning of anoint: "to choose as if by divine election." He blesses us and gives us the spiritual gifts that we need to do His will.  He chose us and gives us what we need to get the job done.

Whenever I am terrified and feel as if I am literally in the "shadow of death" - I read these verses and I am always comforted. 

Trust and God will provide, lead, restore, guide, comfort, prepare and anoint!


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