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Saving Seeds: PARSNIPS


Saving Seeds - PARSNIPS

 Last month we learned how to save rhubarb seeds (click HERE to view saving rhubarb seeds) and I said this about rhubarb:  "it is a once in a decade thing because you will have enough seeds to last many years!"  Well, the same can be said about saving parsnip seeds - 
 "it is a once in a decade thing because you will have enough seeds to last many years!"

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The parsnip plant is a biennial which means that the plant grows for two years (and doesn't produce the seed until the second year).

If you are growing parsnips for the root crop (for the vegetable), then the plant (in the first year) never gets above the knee.  However, if you let it go to seed the second year it is GIGANTIC!!  This plant was taller than me (not quite as tall as my husband though - it was probably just under 6 feet tall.  See picture below).

unnamed - 2023-06-13T001012.848

You will notice the seeds start to form throughout the summer (see picture below):

unnamed (67)

unnamed (65)

Then, they will start to dry up and turn brown.  This is where timing is key.  You need to cut the stalk and bring inside to do it's final drying before the wind blows all the seed away. (see remaining pictures below):


unnamed (1)

unnamed (5)

unnamed (4)

Saving your own seeds is like gold that grows, and grows and never runs out! 


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