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God's Power Within Us #5 - KINGDOM OF LIGHT


God's Power Within Us #5 - The Kingdom of Light

Today we continue learning about God's Power within us.  God's Word is full of passages talking about His power and showing us that we have nonstop access to His strength every second of every day.

Today we will be focusing on Colossians 1:9-14

Remember, Jesus said that we (Spirit filled Christians) are able to perform all of the miraculous works that Jesus did when He was here in human form.  Actually, Jesus said that we would do EVEN GREATER than what He did (see Scripture passage below).


John 14:12-14 also shows us how powerful the name of Jesus Christ is:  "If you ask anything in My name".  (It is important to note that these miracles must glorify our Heavenly Father).

Since there are so many wonderful "Power" passages in God's Word, I decided to write a "Power" post on the last Sunday of every month.

Below is the featured "power" passage for January:

Colossians 1:9-14

I need to preface this passage to qualify the first sentence (verse 9 below).  When Paul writes "since the day we heard about you" - he is talking about when he learned that the Colossian believers in that area were successfully spreading the Gospel.  (see verses below).


These Bible verses show how important it is for believers to pray for each other.  Notice what Paul says:
"we HAVE NOT STOPPED praying for you"
"we CONTINUALLY ask God to fill you with the knowledge of His will".

Wisdom and understanding from the Holy Spirit are examples of God's power within us!

From the Scripture in the picture above we learn that when we are filled with God's power through the Holy Spirit we will:
- bear fruit in every good work
- grow in the knowledge of God
- have great endurance
- have great patience
- be joyfully thankful to God because we are co-heirs with Jesus Christ and have inherited the kingdom of light

Remember, God's kingdom is inside of us!!!

"For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you."
John 17:21

Let's first define the word "kingdom": 

Kingdom - the realm in which God's Will is fulfilled.

And then what does "realm" mean?

Realm - domain, territory, sovereignty.

The definition of "kingdom" should give us great peace and joy - "God's Will IS FULFILLED".  That means God ALWAYS wins.  That means that we have nothing to worry about because God's KINGDOM OF LIGHT is inside of us!!


We have been rescued from the darkness and have been brought into the light!  This "light" is eternal - our sins are forever forgiven through Jesus Christ.  Also, being brought into the "light" means understanding.  In verse 9 we see that we are filled with the understanding that the Holy Spirit gives us, which means that we can no longer be tricked by satan, nor by all of his demons.  That means we have constant access to discernment that will enable us to avoid false prophets and all of satan's lies. 

God's Kingdom of Light within us is power to overcome the evil of this world!

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