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Trees #13 - WHY PALMS?



Usually I only post once a month in the "Tree" series (on the second Sunday of every month) but since today is Palm Sunday, I thought it would be perfect to do a post talking about Palm Trees.

This is Trees#13 asking the question "Why Palms?"

When doing my research I learned quite a bit about Palm trees.  Since I have never lived in a warm climate where I would be able to grow palm trees, I found that I was rather ignorant on the many varieties of these trees.  I knew that coconuts grew on certain types of palm trees but I had no idea that other varieties grow dates and then Acai berries grow on a different palm variety.  Truly amazing!!

All three of these crops have many health benefits
(Note - I am not a doctor - I am simply sharing information I found in my research - see my disclaimer below):
Coconut - kills bacteria, eases inflammation, reduces pain, helps with menstrual issues, aids in weight loss, helps with kidney disease (and many more benefits)
Dates - promotes brain health, high in fiber, many antioxidants, blood sugar control (it's a natural sweetener), and much more. 
Acai - regulates blood pressure and improves cardiac health, is good for the skin, boosts cognition, and many more benefits.

Getting back to our question - Why Palms on Palm Sunday?


Historically speaking, palm trees/branches symbolize:
- peace
- eternal life
- victory

All three of those symbols make perfect sense - Jesus is the reason that we have:
- inner peace over inner strife
- eternal life through Jesus' sacrifice
- victory over sin because God loved us all so much that He sent Jesus to save us from our sins!

See the Scripture passage below - the entire crowd used palm branches to welcome & honor Jesus.

by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo SundayPalm_zps5hetxbak.jpg

Then, in Revelation (see Bible verses below), we see a similar reverence where a "multitude" (too many to count) honored Jesus with palm branches:


Thank you Jesus for giving us peace, victory and eternal life through your sacrifice!!!  Hosanna!!  Hallelujah!!!

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