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TREES#6 - FIGS: From Genesis to Revelation


TREES #6 - FIGS:  From Genesis to Revelation

In today's continuation of the trees series we will be focusing on Figs and the "Sycamore-fig tree".  This is Part#6 on God's glorious trees - "FIGS:  From Genesis to Revelation".

Here are some symbols or purposes of the fig tree in the Bible:
- to hide something
- abundance
- joy
- peace
- clarity/awakening

I have to admit that I have never eaten a fresh fig before.  The only "fig" I've ever eaten is in the popular cookies.
I did a little research and found that figs can possibly be used to prevent cancer, they are good for weight control, heart disease, diabetes and more (I am NOT giving medical advice, I am simply sharing the information that I found in my research - see disclaimer link at the end of this post).

Let's begin in Genesis - When Adam & Eve were awakened to their nakedness (after they had eaten the forbidden fruit), they covered themselves with fig leaves.  Fig leaves are very large and flat.


Remember Zacchaeus?  Let's refresh our memories: 


In this Scripture (see above), we see: 
clarity (clarity & repentance - Zacchaeus gave half of his worth to the poor after seeing the Truth about Jesus Christ)
joy ("Zacchaeus at once welcomed him gladly")
peace (the townsfolk were shocked that Jesus would stay at the house of a sinner. "For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost") 

A Thousand Years of Peace

Here, the fig tree is a symbol not only of abundance but also peace "you will invite your neighbor."


These verses in Micah are some of my favorite in the Old Testament (see below).
During 1,000 years of peace:
- there will be no wars
- EVERYONE will live in peace
- and EVERYONE will live in abundance
- there will be NOTHING to fear


Finally, we reach Revelation.
If you are not familiar with The Book of Revelation, it details "end time" prophesy.  That is (I believe) the "end time" for the evil doers and NOT the end times for God's children (that's us).  Revelation is not a book where you can pick out one verse and understand it fully - we must understand the context.  Near the beginning of Revelation, before this chapter, we learn that we are sealed and protected from the things that we are reading about in chapter 6 (see below).    

The fig tree is an important tree in the Bible.  May our Heavenly Father richly bless you with His abundance, peace, joy & clarity!

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