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Prolific Raspberry Growth (with RECIPES)


Prolific Raspberry Growth (with RECIPES)

Raspberry bushes grow very fast when compared to blackberry bushes.  A few years ago I shared how it took almost 10 years before my blackberry patch was producing usable quantities (click HERE to view: "A Fruit Grower's Patience - BLACKBERRIES").  My raspberry patch has only taken 3 years to get to a prolific stage.

Three years ago we planted 5 plants that were half the size of the raspberry bush picture below:

unnamed (31)

Now just look at how wonderfully the raspberry bushes have spread!! (see in the picture below - NOTE:  the very front of this picture is a blackberry bush but everything filled in between the treeline behind are all raspberry bushes):

unnamed (36)

unnamed (28)

Some of the plants are "everybearing" (which means that there will be two harvests - one in the summer and then in the Fall).  We already have tender fruit formation.

unnamed (29)

The picture below shows the filled in raspberry patch from the opposite side:

unnamed (30)

If you have the garden space, it's really worth a short wait of three years to enjoy garden fresh raspberries!

The following are a few of my favorite RASPBERRY recipes that I previously shared with you on this blog.
(click on each title to view the entire post with recipe):

Raspberry Jelly

This picture is to show you the difference between jelly (on the left) and jam (on the right)

Raspberry Pineapple Vanilla Smoothie
011_zpseaae5da5, by Angie Ouellette-Tower for

Chocolate Raspberry Almond Biscotti

Parsnip Brownies with Raspberry Frosting
Parsnip Brownies with Rasp, by Angie Ouellette-Tower for

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