Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Italian Romano Beans

Italian Romano Beans

Many years ago friends of ours gave us some bean seeds and they were called "Jugoslavian Beans."  These were the best green beans that I had ever eaten.  Every year I would collect, dry and save enough seeds for next year's crop.  Then, I had a bad crop one season and I was not able to save any seeds (ironically- this happened only a few years after the country of Jugoslavia broke down). 

I endured a few years with regular bush green beans and yellow wax beans until I came across these scrumptious Italian beans.  I know what you are thinking - by looking at these pictures you are thinking that these beans are too large and will be stringy and tough.  That's the magic of these beans - they melt like butter in your mouth even when they are harvested as large as they are in the pictures attached.  These are the most tender and flavorful beans of any available (in my opinion of course). 

Also, these beans are pole beans making it easier to grow and harvest (Pole Beans vs Bush Beans).

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