Monday, November 14, 2011

Cover Crop and Gardening Fashion Tips

Cover Crop

I think of the soil as the immune system of the garden - if the soil is balanced then the plants will grow with the proper nutrients needed to fight off most pests.

You might be asking yourself - "What is the purpose of a cover crop?"
If you garden organically then there are 4 main reasons for planting a cover crop every fall:
1.  It brings the nutrients to the top soil for next years crop
2.  There will be less weeds next year
3.  Maintains good soil moisture
4.  The cover crop helps stop soil erosion

How to plant a cover crop

We use rye as our cover crop.  Clean up your garden by pulling all old plants and clearing all fences and garden stakes.  Rough up the soil surface with a rake or cultivator and then spread the seed by hand (as seen above).

After a few weeks you will notice the rye sprouting - it will look like grass.  In the spring simply "till" (rototill) the rye into the ground and then you will be ready to plant in your enriched garden.

Yes - this is me - in my garden best.

Gardening Fashion Tips

Worn bellbottom workout floods,  short sleeve/ long sleeve layered look, disheveled graying hair, haggered hiking boots and holey garden gloves - it's called: 
Hillbilly Chic

Look for it in stores this spring!      ;-)


  1. Very helpful post - thank you! I've been reading about saving seeds and permaculture lately - good stuff!

  2. Good picture of you Angie! Hey, I wonder what would happen if I did a "chia" seed cover crop - hahahahaha?!!!

  3. Thank you Leigh - I'm glad it was helpful.
    And thanks "Louise" (Nana) - I think the chia cover crop would certainly sprout faster than rye (ha ha ha)


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