Sunday, October 14, 2012

September Blog & Shop Hop - THE RESULTS

I would just like to thank all of you again for either visiting or participating in my seventh "Themed Blog & Shop Hop" - I had so much fun and I hope that you did also!

Now - The Results (If you haven't already - please checkout all of these wonderful blogs & shops) (Remember I have 2 new "featured buttons" if you were featured and wanted to place them on your blog - NOT a requirement)

For the most "likes":
The Most "Likes",
For the most "clicks":

The Most "Clicks",
 This time we had 6 people tie for the "most likes" but one of these wonderful 6 also had the most "clicks" - That talented person is:

Cindy from ShorelineDesigned
Stoned Acorns - Lake Superior Sand Stones with Real Acorn Caps Home Decor

and the remaining 5 totally cool "most liked" are:

Margalita from Margalit Mosaic Art
Candle Holder Glass  Mosaic Art Home Decoration Red Green Apple shaped

Shelly from RazielaDesigns
Hemp Anklet, New Tribe, Beaded, Orange, Unisex

Mary from UniquelyMaryL
Miniature Autumn Leaves Poetry Accordion Book

Debbi & Amanda from YankeeBurrowCreation
Crochet shawlette, south bay, autumn colors

Donna from HoliMess
 Thank you all for your amazing submissions!!!


Please join us tomorrow for the eighth Themed Blog & Shop Hop!



  1. Thank you, Angie,
    Such fun and so many fantastic handmade works !!

  2. Wow!! I had no idea, thank you so much!! :))) And I can see why Cindy got the most clicks... those acorns are so adorable and cool!!


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