Thursday, February 27, 2014

B.A.S.S - Advertise March 2014

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Are you fishing for something different? 
Then you've come to the right place!
The "B" in "B.A.S.S" stands for "Buy"
The "A" stands for "Advertise"
The first "S" stands for "Support" &
The second "S" stands for "Swap"

Today we are going to concentrate on "A" for "Advertise" -

God’s Growing Garden

 Why should you advertise with me on God's Growing Garden?

Checkout my Advertise page to see how intensively I will promote your blog (click HERE to view)

- Here are my Follower stats:

GFC (Google Friends Connect) - 1,438
Bloglovin - 1,509
Twitter - 1,774
Pinterest - 1,653
Google+ - 939
Facebook - 1,368
Linky Followers - 48
Networked Blog - 216

That's a grand total of 8,945 followers in some form or another.

My monthly views range between 20,000 & 21,000


Monthly ads start every Monday & run for 4 weeks total  (28 consecutive days).  The size of this ad is 150 x 150 
$15 per month (payable with PayPal)
With this ad you receive extensive promoting - 3 blog post promotions,
12 Tweets, 6 Pins, 3 Facebook plugs & 3 Google+ promotions
Plus having your ad on my Sidebar the entire time (4 weeks)!!

Monthly ad spaces for the month of March 2014 are listed below (click on the "Buy" button under the start week that you desire).

Thank you so much! 

Starting March 3rd, 2014 and going for 4 weeks until March 30th, 2014


Starting March 10th, 2014 and going for 4 weeks until April 6th, 2014
$15.00 (US$)

Starting March 17th, 2014 and going for 4 weeks until April 13th, 2014
$15.00 (US$)

Starting March 24th, 2014 and going for 4 weeks until April 20th, 2014
$15.00 (US$)

Starting March 31st, 2014 and going for 4 weeks until April 27th, 2014
$15.00 (US$)



Sidebar ads start any day of the week except for Sunday & run for 8 weeks total  (56 consecutive days).  The size of this ad is 200 x 100 
$10 for 8 Weeks (payable with PayPal)

With this ad you receive 8 weeks of Sidebar Space plus 8 Tweets
(1 tweet per week).

God’s Growing Garden

 IMPORTANT: I respectfully reserve the right to deny any ad that I feel is inappropriate &/or not family friendly.

ALSO IMPORTANT: Should there be any unforeseen power outage or disaster that would disrupt your ad – I will extend your ad for the missed amount of days.

To Buy a Sidebar Ad - click the "Buy Now" button below & THANK YOU.

$10.00 (US$)


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  1. Interesting! Your monthly viewings are impressively high. I will be back to see what the S.S stand for.


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