Friday, November 7, 2014

Octagonal Summerhouses Through the Ages by "i Like Sheds"

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Octagonal Summerhouses Through the Ages
Summerhouses, especially octagonal summerhouses, have been around for many years -
perhaps longer than you might have first thought......
Eyton-on-Severn was constructed as a summerhouse and remains a superb example of an
Elizabethan banqueting tower.

The octagonal summerhouse became popular around the world in the 1600s thanks to the
construction of Acteckhous.  Just a few years later in 1662, an octagonal summerhouse was built by Bhatagon Rajah in India for his wives.

In the 13th century, Dunster House was built in England.  Then, in the 18th century, an easier route to the castle was constructed along with a bowling green and summerhouse.

The Americans create "Octagonal City" - a failed vegetarian utopia, constructed of only octagonal shaped homes in Kansas.

In 1973, a summerhouse is constructed Mawley Hall in Shropshire, complete with 18th century windows.  Alongside it is a child-sized replica, filled with child-sized furniture.

The octagonal summerhouse is a common sight in many gardens, and is used for entertaining & enjoying the garden throughout the year. (this can be purchased from )
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