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Christian Camp Songs & Chorus Hymns #30

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Christian Camp Songs & Chorus Hymns #30

I spent many years in my late teens and early twenties working at Christian Camps.  I even met my husband at a Christian camp.  These wonderful memories of great experiences make Christian camp songs very special to me.

On top of featuring an old hymn each month in what I call "Old Fashioned Sunday Hymn Sing" - I will also be featuring a chorus hymn every month - ENJOY!
Today's featured song is "Above the Hills of Time" - by Thomas Tiplady.

"Stand up, plead my case before the mountains;  let the hills hear what you have to say."
Micah 6:1

I have included 2 YouTube videos of this wonderful song (see below the lyrics) - the first version is by a Women's Gee Club and the second version is performed by an extremely talented 16 year old musician! 
Above the Hills of Time
Author is Thomas Tiplady                                      Irish Traditional Melody

1. Above the hills, of time the cross is gleaming, Fair as the sun when night has turned to day;  And from it love's pure light is richly streaming To cleanse the heart and banish sin away.  To this dear cross the eyes of men are turning To day s in the ages lost to sight;  And so for Thee, O Christ, men's hearts are yearning, As shipwrecked seamen yearn for morning light.

2. The cross, O Christ, Thy wondrous love revealing, Awakes our hearts as with the light of morn, And pardon o'er our sinful spirits stealing, Tells us that we, in Thee, have been reborn.  Like echoes to sweet temple bells replying, Our hearts, O Lord, make answer to Thy love;  And we will love Thee with a love undying, Till we are gathered to Thy home above.

A special thanks to "Jamie Gidley" for sharing this with us on YouTube

A special thanks to "James Linden Hogg" for sharing this with us on YouTube

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