Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Grapevine Trimmings WREATH


Grapevine Trimmings WREATH

This wreath is a classic with class.  A grapevine wreath is so simple but yet so beautiful.  In my opinion it's just as stylish with or without a bow.
Just recently I was spring cleaning my garden when it came time to trim my grape arbors.  Often I just burn the trimmings but this time I decided to make a wreath.  Patience is necessary to make this wreath - with each trimming you just gently wind around a circle or oval and secure the end around the back of the wreath.  Keep adding trimmings until you reach your desired width.


Make a bow using crepe paper ribbon 
(or any ribbon of your choice)


Secure the ribbon to the wreath and the wreath to the door.



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  1. That's wonderful you get to make your own grapevine wreaths! Your handmade wreath looks great and beautiful bow, also.

  2. Thanks so much for linking up at #AThemedLinkup 144 for Spring Crafts and Décor. Shared.

  3. Angie, CONGRATS! Your post is FEATURED at #AThemedLinkup 145 for All About Pets from the previous linkup for Spring Crafts and Décor.


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