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Today we are continuing in the "Jesus Is" series.
In the book of John, there are 7 ways in which Jesus described himself:

Today we are focusing on Jesus "The Light of the World"

Last week we learned that Jesus is The Bread of Life giving us sustenance for growth.  Today we will learn about Jesus the Light of the world, which will give us a vision for planning the future.


Jesus' Light is twofold:
1.  His Light shows us the way personally in our own life and gives us a vision for our future.
2.  Jesus' Light then shines through us so that those around us (our family, friends and even strangers) will see God glorified through our life (the way we live - what we say and how we act).

Read the verse above and we learn that Jesus' Light is the knowledge of God's glory, meaning that through Jesus' ultimate love and sacrifice we are eternally saved.


  There have been two times in my life when I experienced true darkness (I'm talking about the absence of light - not evil activity).  The experience that stands out in my mind the most occurred during my early teenage-hood.  My family took a tour of the Mammoth Caves in the state of Kentucky.  At one point in the tour we were guided into a large cavern (I think it was called the "Rotunda Room"), and the guide then asked us if we had ever experience absolute blackness.  I can't remember what the crowd had said but he then warned us that he was going to turn off the cave lights for just a few seconds so that we could experience the total lack of light.  I have never experience anything so suffocating!  Not only did those few seconds feel like an eternity but it felt like the oxygen had been sucked out of my lungs; like I just couldn't take a breath.

When I read John 12:35 (see verse above), I am reminded of that Mammoth feeling of darkness.  That suffocating breathlessness is what life is like without Jesus.  It is impossible to see the future and make plans without light.


This world is full of the darkest most horrific kinds of evil.  In Matthew 6:22 & 23 (see Scripture above), the "darkness" is referring to the evil in the world.  This passage talks about "eye health" - now we're not talking about macular degeneration or  pink eye.  "Eye as the lamp of the body" symbolizes what we read, what we focus on, what we watch, what we study.  Allowing our eyes to focus or study something immoral will inevitably change our actions into darkness (sin).

Focus on Jesus and His Light will give us a vision and plan for the future!


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