Tuesday, August 28, 2012

#Kale - 4 Different Varieties

KALE: 4 Different Varieties
Kale has become the new "super food".  Kale is a great source of fiber and protein - it is high in vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, potassium, Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, Iron........I could go on and on.  Kale has anti-inflammatory properties, it lowers cholesterol and lowers cancer risks (again - I am NOT a doctor - this is just from information that I have researched over the years).
This year in my garden I grew 4 different varieties of Kale - I have detailed these varieties below:

1.  Toscano - this variety is tied for my favorite in taste & texture.  These leaves are very thin and the taste is very mild.  It has a smooth leaf and when picked young it is wonderful in salads raw!

2.  Savoy - This is my least favorite variety - I dislike it so much that I will never grow it again.  These leaves are very tough and the taste is harsh.  Even the "tender" young leaves are thick and difficult to eat - they keep their "toughness" after being steamed or cooked.

3.  Curly Winterbor - this is the variety that we are most familiar with and I believe this is also the variety that is most often found in grocery stores.  The flavor is good but since I have sandy soil, the problem with this variety is the "curliness".  No matter how much I soak the "Curly Winterbor" in water I still end up biting down on a grain of sand - I HATE THAT!  That being said - I do think that this variety is the most prolific of the 4.


4.  Red Russian - this is my favorite (or tied for my favorite).  This variety has the most smooth leaf and the red vein just adds to it's beauty.  Even the larger leaves (as seen below) stay tender and smooth.  This might be the most mild in flavor - a little more mild than the first variety.  And the shape of these leaves are so unique - almost like an oak tree leaf.

by Angie Ouellette-Tower for godsgrowinggarden.com photo Day_zpsb50f87c9.jpg

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  1. I've not ever tried Kale before. How do you eat it? Cooked? I love collards and turnip greens, it could be a southern thing. I'll have to do some research and try it.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a blessed day.

    1. Yes - cooked, steamed, in soups or casseroles and raw - I like the tender leaves in a salad.

  2. Following back!

    I never knew this could lower cholesterol! I will have to start throwing this in my husbands salads!! :)

  3. I love kale and my kids enjoy kale chips. New follower from Tuesday Flock Blog Hop.

  4. About Washing Curly Winterbor: Maybe you have to agitate them in water, and change the water 3-4 times like I do with fresh turnip/collard/mustard greens. Only until then is all the sand and other grit completely out of them. The water is clear by then too. Maybe you did this, though, and it still didn't work! :)

    1. Thanks for the tip! - I only wash the curly kale twice - I guess it's one of those patient teaching vegetables ;-)
      Thanks again!

  5. Do you grow these in your garden? I'm so glad you found me, so I could follow you. I wish I had a green thumb, so I'm looking forward to following you and learning lots!

    Bonny @ thedomesticatedprincess.blogspot.com

    1. Yes I do grow them in my garden - Kale is one of the easiest veggies to grow - they do especially well in a cooler climate (I'm in Michigan).
      Thank you so much for following back! - I look forward to reading more on your blog also!


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