Wednesday, August 15, 2012

July Blog & Shop Hop - THE RESULTS

I would just like to thank all of you again for either visiting or participating in my fifth "Themed Blog & Shop Hop" - I had so much fun and I hope that you did also!

NEW this month - I created 2 "blog buttons"! 
1.  If you were featured because you received the most likes (this is a picture of my Great Pyrenees baby boy - he is almost 7 years old).
2.  If you were featured because you received the most clicks (this is a picture of my stray cat girl - she is 9 years old).
I realize that many people do Not have a blog but if you were featured & if you do have a blog then I wanted to have these buttons for you to post on your sidebar if you so desired (NOT a requirement - just an option).

Now - The Results (If you haven't already - please checkout all of these wonderful blogs & shops) (actually this month the features are both shops).

 For the most "likes":

The Most "Likes",

Bracelet Red Roses Hearts Crystals Red Hat Society Lady

For the most "clicks":

The Most "Clicks",

Please join us tomorrow for the sixth Themed Blog & Shop Hop!


  1. I'm enjoying this linking lark! But how do I find out if anybody clicked or followed mine. I joined up way down the list last week, so am not expecting to find I had any such attention. But will be sure to have a go next time. Am assuming, given the time difference, that "tomorrow" referred to in this post is actually already here in the UK, so will be having a go now!

    1. Well, I'm not sure - I think you are 6 hours ahead of me (I'm Eastern time in the usa) - and the "hop" starts at midnight tonight - so that would be 6am Thursday morning for you (I think).

  2. What a lovely bracelet. I missed the last hop. I need to get on the ball!

    1. I need to get on the ball also - I just realized that I never emailed the 2 people that are featured here - oops!
      Thanks for stopping & I hope to see you tomorrow for the hop.

  3. Thank you SO MUCH for featuring my necklace that comes in nine (9) colors - what an awesome surprise!!!

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my Red Roses & Hearts Bracelet, which by the way also comes in a gorgeous purple & a lovely turquoise color. I'm thrilled that it received the most likes in your beautiful treasury among so many other wonderful shops & items!!!


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