Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Light, Medium and Dark Zucchinis

Light, Medium & Dark Zucchinis

My husband calls Zucchini "The Carp of the Garden" and he's right!  One zucchini can be the size of a pickle at night and then the next morning it is the size of a large fish.  Also, zucchinis are "carp-ish" because each plant produces an unending supply of this versatile vegetable.

This year I grew 3 different varieties of zucchini:

Butta Zucchini - this is a yellow zucchini - not to be confused with yellow summer squash (there is a difference).  This is a much milder zucchini in flavor.  The skin is very tender and much more delicate.  When picked it will only last 1 day before the skin begins to break down.  Even with the short shelf life this is now my favorite zucchini because of the taste. 

Greyzini - this isn't really grey, it's more sage green.  This variety is not only medium in color but also in taste - the 3 varieties shown in the picture below go up in color, tenderness and flavor.  (The yellow being the lightest in color, most tender and most delicate flavor - everything goes up in intensity from there).  Greyzini is the most difficult to germinate from seed - I only have 3 "Greyzini" plants that made if from 1 package of seeds (there were about 10 seeds in this package).

Zucchini Black - this is the traditional zucchini that we are all familiar with.  When picked this variety will last for days inside on the counter (lasting even longer in the fridge).  The skin is more tough and the flavor at times (in my opinion) is a little bitter (especially the large dark zucchinis that were hiding and grew into a mammoth veggie).


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  1. I love fresh garden zucchini! They look gorgeous :-) I'm just hopping over to say thanks for visiting my blog and to follow back. I look forward to seeing more of your posts :-)


  2. I love zuke! I inherited a garden when we moved into this house a couple of weeks ago, and I plan on adding some of this. Yours look delicious!

  3. I fried some two days ago. I love it!

    I need to pant some next year too!


  4. I just love zucchini any which way. Mine are not ready for harvest yet....but soon.
    I see zucchini bread bread in the near future.
    Thanks for sharing recipes.


  5. Wow, I never knew there were different colors of zucchini!

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  7. YUM and it has such wonderful health benefits too! Thanks so much for linking up at #AThemedLinkup 151 for Vegetable Gardening. Shared.


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