Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Breakfast BKT (Bacon, Kale, Tomato) & Egg Sandwich

Breakfast Bacon Lettuce Kale Tomato & Egg Sandwich
Kale is meant to be with either potatoes or tomatoes - simply delicious combinations.  Currently my garden is overflowing with tomatoes and kale so I decided to make my breakfast BKT (instead of BLT) sandwich - it is so easy to make.

I called it a sandwich but I ate it with a fork & knife - if you wanted to eat it with your hands then add a second piece of bread (toasted) on top.
1 slice of bread
1 tomato (washed, drained, stemmed & sliced)(I used a Roma tomato but any tomato variety is fine)
3 or 4 tender Kale leaves (washed, drained & "deveined" - see How to "Devein" Greens) (see Kale varieties)
1 egg
3 or 4 slices of bacon

STEP 1 - Fry the bacon and place in a toaster oven to stay warm.
STEP 2- Take a piece out of the middle of the slice of bread (see first picture below)
STEP 3 - Spread butter on each side of the bread, place in a frying pan and pour the cracked egg into the hole (see second picture below)
STEP 4 - Cook over medium heat until desired "doneness" is achieved and then flip (see third picture below).

STEP 5 - Continue cooking until desired egg texture is achieved (I like my yoke runny).
STEP 6 - Assemble the sandwich:  first the bread/egg, then the raw kale leaves, bacon & finally the tomato slices.
NOTE:  Multiply the ingredient amounts by the number of sandwiches that you wish to make.

Add pepper if you desire & ENJOY!! 


  1. That looks awesome. There is nothing better than fresh vegetables from your garden :)


    I can just taste it!


  3. A fantastic recipe! Thank you! I always have difficulties deciding what to have for breakfast.

  4. Hi Angie: I'm going to show this recipe to my mom(74). She'll love it and she'll enjoy seeing your blog too. I pray you and yours are doing well. Sandi

  5. Yummy! I may have to try this for breakfast tomorrow! Sure beats cereal!

  6. What a refreshing idea for a quick lunch! Thank you!

  7. Wow! This looks soooooooooooo delicious :) Thanks!!

  8. Looks wonderful! I use to make eggs that way and haven't done it in years... now I'm going to start again, thanks for the photographic reminder! :)

  9. I think my mom would love this. She always liked BLTs. Thanks for linking up at A Humble Bumble!


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