Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Dragon Lingerie" Beans

"Dragon Lingerie" Beans
Every year I try to grow one unique variety of either bush beans or pole beans - this year I grew the "Dragon Lingerie" bean.  I'm not quite sure why the seed company gave these original beans that name - maybe the purple lines look like lace and I guess the strange formations of these beans are "dragon-esque".  They were fun to grow but this was the first and last year for these beans in my garden.  They were just not good producers......now we did have a drought this year but I still was not very impressed with the quantity and the taste quality.

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  1. These look like what we used to call October beans (don't know why they were called that as they came in way before October).

  2. They do look a little anaemic, don't they? good for you, experimenting like this! Me - I like the traditional green ones! Not adventurous in the least, I fear!

  3. Never heard of them! They are very interesting-looking, though!

  4. they are delicious and creamy. they are less "green: tasting than string beans. i'm disappointed to hear that they are not good producers. where did you ge tthe seeds?

    1. I think they are from "Pinetree" seeds - a catalog. Thanks for stopping by.


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