Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Green Beans - Pole Beans vs Bush Beans

Green Beans - Pole Beans vs. Bush Beans

Pole Bean: 
                 Pro - it's easier on your back and knees when harvesting, you don't have to bend down
                       - a space saver
                       - great taste (equal to the bush bean)
                 Con - you must provide a fence or trellis for the pole been to climb
                        - they can become wild looking and tangled

Bush Bean:
                 Pro - tastes great (equal to the pole bean)
                       - neat and tidy - won't get twisted with other plant rows
                 Con - you must bend down or get on your knees when harvesting
                        - takes up more ground space than the pole beans

Well there you have it - I guess I prefer the Pole Bean to the Bush Bean.

Please feel free to share your pros & cons in the comment section

On the left side of the fence you will see my pole beans and on the right side of the fence are my pickling cucumbers

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