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My Hubby Makes Me Laugh #3 - "R.W.Tower - The World's Most Intelligent Gardener"

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My Hubby Makes Me Laugh #3

 My husband is very creative & clever - he is the only person that can make me laugh when I am upset or angry.  So, I decided to make this a monthly post called:

"My Hubby Makes Me Laugh."


R. W. Tower - The World's Most Intelligent Gardener
written by my husband © 2014
This month I am writing a new post series entitled: "R. W. Tower - The World's Most Intelligent Gardener".  Yes, it sounds haughty and it would be if it was not true.
In my first installment I will tell you how to grow orchids year round in an unheated hoop house in zone five.  You say it can not be done?  Just read on my friends.
1.  First, you must build a simple four season hoop house.  I will not bore you with the details of building that since even the simplest minded gardeners should be able to conquer this.
2.  Second, prepare your soil with ample amounts of last season's now ready compost.  Orchids love compost.  Till the compost thoroughly into the garden bed.  Hint:  till the soil before covering the bed with the plastic.  That is much easier on the back and thighs.
(Steps 3 & 4 are the real secrets)
3.  Third, once the hoop house is erected, plant the orchid seeds and water well.  Then cover them with a floating sheet of plastic suspended about one foot off of the ground.  This action alone it is said can make your zone five bed into a zone four bed by merely keeping more heat on the plants.
4.  Fourth, always refer to kale, swiss chard and spinach as "orchids".
And there you have it!
Yours Truly,
R. W. Tower
"The World's Most Intelligent Gardener"
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  1. That's funny! You had us going! I'm happy with the spinach though :-) My husband makes me laugh too and that makes me happy :-)


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