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HCF - Happy* Calm* Focused Brain Supplement REVIEW

by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo 003_zps4eyceasc.jpg

HCF - Happy Calm Focused Brain Supplement Review

HCF has the perfect name.  This supplement (when taken correctly) will truly make you feel "Happy, Calm & Focused"! (click HERE to view product)
I have taken this product now for 1 month and I am overjoyed by the results that I received!
I knew that the results would be gradual in nature so I decided to make charts where I would rate myself daily.  I have a positive chart and a negative chart where I rated myself on areas such as:  Tired, Clarity, Anxiety, Energy, Stress etc.  View the entire charts below.

 photo SponsorChartA_zpskfo1mijj.jpg

 photo SponsorChartB_zps1h8zdosa.jpg

During this passed month I have noticed 3 main areas of improvement:
1.  I am able to handle and recover from stressful situations - at one point during this month I had a family medical emergency and in the past it would normally take me days if not weeks to recover emotionally from helping a family member in this type of situation.  Now, it literally only took me a day and I was feeling back to myself again.  I was able to focus on the problem and deal with it all while being able to sleep that night after the emergency!
2.  For the first time in my life my menstruation was almost pain free - I made sure that the only thing I changed this month was to add taking HCF - so to me that means "Happy Calm & Focused" is the only reason that I had an almost pain free menstruation!  I am normally mentally foggy during my period and that was gone this month!
3.  We also had 2 celebrations this month and I didn't have that after celebration depression - whether it's a Holiday or a family celebration I have always felt "let down" the day after.  I didn't have that after fun depression that I used to experience.
Even the packaging was a joy.  For the first 10 days I thought that I had received a miracle bottle of HCF!  Every morning I would open the bottle and it would be filled to the rim with capsules - I thought that I had received a miraculous never ending supply!
Take away points:
1. Everyone is different and finding your optimal dose is key to the success of HCF.
2. Stick with it for at least one month (trust me - you will be happy that you did) - there will be a transition period and you might notice some adjustment symptoms
3. The improvement is gradual but amazing!


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  1. Thanks so much on the Terrific Review of HCF - Happy* Calm* Focused Brain Supplement! WOW, this really seemed to work for you! That's great! I just take too many medications for various problems which I have to add this I would have to talk to my doctor. Thanks for sharing your experience and charts with all of us on how HCF has worked for you! I truly do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele :)


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