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Giving Thanks to God Through Song

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"The Lord is my strength and my shield;  my heart trusts in him, and I am helped, My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song."  Psalm 28:7

Giving Thanks To God Through Song

As many of you know,  I have been writing a "thankfulness" post every single day for almost a year and I wanted to dedicate this post to "Thanking God Through Song."  The first hymn that came to mind was "Count Your Blessings." click HERE to view & listen.  However, there are many other Thankful songs - many of which I had never heard before.

Please click on each YouTube video below & ENJOY!
(Also, I urge you to take up the THANKFULNESS Challenge - see below) 

Thank You Lord For Saving My Soul:

Special Thanks to "Brittany Verlench" for sharing this with us on YouTube

How Good It Is To Thank The Lord:

Special Thanks to "Laodicean Church of God" for sharing this with us on YouTube

O Give Thanks Unto The Lord:

Special Thanks to "Al Orthodoxiya" for sharing this with us on YouTube

Thank You Lord For The Trials That Come My Way:

Special Thanks to "marco montecer" for sharing this with us on YouTube

Thanks To God:

Special Thanks to "SE Samonte" for sharing this with us on YouTube


Take Up The THANKFULNESS Challenge!
I challenge you to thank God for something everyday for one year!  Either write it down in a diary OR If you have a blog & would like to share your THANKFULNESS posts with us, then please fill out this form: 365 Days of Being THANKFUL form - click HERE

and you will be added to the THANKFULNESS page.


Over the past year I have been writing a blog post everyday thanking God for something in my life - I challenge you to do the same!  You don't have to have a blog to take up this challenge - just write your "THANKFULness" statement down in your diary.  Everyday record something that you are thankful for on that day - it doesn't have to be some huge happening - being thankful in the small things is just as important as being thankful in the big life changing events!

Being thankful really is a way to worship God.  If you take up this challenge you will be amazed!  (I am not going to give you details just because it is so precious and private and everyone is different.  What I experienced might not be the same as what you experience).  Again, the most difficult part is going to be showing your thankfulness during difficult times.   Accepting the difficult times knowing that God is in control and knowing that He has a purpose for everything!

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