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Becoming a Christian Soldier - INTRODUCTION

by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo SundaySoldier_zps4qpwgkxn.jpg

Becoming a Christian Soldier - INTRODUCTION

Today I am starting a new series on "Becoming A Christian Soldier."  Now, I want/need to be very clear - I am NOT talking about becoming a physical soldier and I am NOT saying that you should go out and physically fight (although I appreciate and respect anybody who has served or is serving in our army, navy or air force),  What I'm talking about in this series is on a spiritual level.  I NEVER condone violence or hatred of any kind! - Becoming a Christian Soldier is quite the opposite: it's all about love, prayer, faith, meditating on God's Word and much more. 

In the verse above we learn that we as Christians are to expect attacks and shenanigans from the devil.  Satan does not show up at our door in obvious form but rather in sneaky and ambiguous ways.  These struggles (as the verse below explains) are against the powers of this dark world like corruption in big business, blasphemy on social media or crooked government (to name a few examples). 

by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo SundayDarkWorld_zpsy2izihku.jpg

In this series we will learn how to prepare ourselves for the Christian battle.  We will learn how to use all of the tools that our Lord has given us so that we will be able to glorify Him through our Christian walk.

Enjoy the "Christian Soldier" themed songs below!

                                                                 A special thanks to "TheHymnsofPraise" for sharing this with us on YouTube

A special thanks to "RedRoverPanda" for sharing this with us on YouTube

  A special thanks to "Kevin Downswell" for sharing this with us on YouTube

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