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Advent Season 2016 - "The Advent of Our King"

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Advent Season 2016 - "The Advent of Our King"

In years past we have studied the meaning of different details of Advent:
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NATIVITY - The Basics
The Lowly Life of the Shepherd
Wealthy Wise Men Traveling Far
Angels Hovering 'Round
It's Because God Loved Us So Much

This year I decided to feature some of the lesser Christmas hymns - by "lesser" I mean those that I am not familiar with but are listed in my church's old Hymnal.

Today we are featuring: "The Advent of Our King"
(please listen to the YouTube video below)

The Advent of Our King
Charles Coffin 1676-1749                                                                       St. Thomas
Traditional John Chandler 1806-1876                              Aaron Williams 1731-1776
1.  The advent of our King Our prayers must now emply, And we must hyms of welcome sing In strains of holy joy.
2. The everlasting Son Incarnate deigns to be;  Himself a servant's form puts on To set His servants free.

3. O Zion's Daughter, rise To meet thy lowly King, Nor let thy faithless heart despise The peace He comes to bring.

4. As Judge, on clouds of light.  He soon will come again  And His true members all unite With Him in heav'n to reign.

5. All glory to the Son, Who comes to set us free, With Father, Spirit ever One, Through all eternity.

A special thanks to "LutheranWarbler" for sharing this with us on YouTube

Other Rare Christmas Hymns:

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