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The Science of Life - EGGS (Oocytes)


The Science of Life - EYES

I have never seen so much importance put on "science" until this Pandemic started.  Now don't get me wrong, "science" is important, but it got me thinking about why "science" is almost ignored when it comes to fetal development and the topic of abortion.

Today is the eighth post in a series where we study the science of life.  In the last "Science of Life" post we focused on EYES (click HERE to view that post).  This series will be free of attacks and politicization.  I am going to detail a single part of gestational development in each post in the absolute basic of scientific terms ("basic" because that is my scientific level).  Which brings me to my disclaimer and details:

1.  I am NOT a doctor and I am NOT giving medical advice or any advice of any kind.  The information below came from my online research.
2.  I will NOT be publishing any comments.  This is an attack free series.
3.  I will be sharing my opinion from my Christian perspective which will appear below the dotted line.  If you do not wish to read my Christian perspective, then simply do NOT scroll past the dotted line - it's that simple.
4.  Sometimes I will include articles that emphasize or enhance the scientific topic of the post.

Since Easter is only a few days away, In this post we will be focusing on eggs (Oocytes)

Egg Terminology

Oocytes - an immature egg
Ootid - an egg cell that develops from the division of an oocyte
Ovum - mature egg

Below is the basic development of the internal female reproductive system in the womb listed by week:

Week#12 - the uterus and ovaries begin to form

Week#22 - the ovaries are completely formed and contain a 
                  lifetime supply of eggs!!  (estimated at about 6
                  million eggs)

In a distant way - It can be said that your maternal grandmother was indirectly carrying you in her womb as well as your mom (because your mom had all of her eggs by week#22)!!!!

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How can it be reasoned that a female fetus is not a separate life when she has her lifetime supply of eggs at 5 1/2 months in the womb!!


If you have had an abortion in the past and are struggling with that decision today, then please know that God will forgive you!

 "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness."

"All unrighteousness" covers all sins.  Pray to God, confess your sins to Him and He will forgive you!

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