Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Basics - How to Cut an Avocado

The Basics - How to Cut an Avocado

Step 1:  Cut the avocado around the long way/vertically as seen in the picture above and then twist both sides -  the avocado should separate into 2 quite easily.

Step 2:  Remove the pit - I use my fingers but I have farm-girl hands and don't do anything with my nails - so if you prefer you may use a spoon to remove the pit.  (Some people recommend whacking a sharp knife into the pit to remove it that way - I NEVER recommend flailing around a sharp knife).

Step 3:  Cut the inside of the avocado into a grid pattern as seen above (NOTE: When I cut the grid I held the avocado on a cutting board - I am only holding it that way for the picture)

Step 4:  Scoop the avocado chunks out with a spoon and use in a salad or mash for guacamole.



  1. I just realized it is quite similar to cutting a mango :)



    1. Yes it is - except for the pit part - much easier on an avocado.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. love your blog! please follow me.


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