Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Basics - Homemade Peach Iced Tea

The Basics - Homemade Peach Iced Tea

Peach and black tea is another flavor duo that is made for each other.  This is so refreshing on a sweltering summer day (and wow have we had those days this year!)


5 cups water (preferably filtered)
6 black teabags (I used decaf tea)

4 cups cold filtered water
1 cup peach syrup

Boil the water, remove from the burner and then steep the tea in the hot water for about 15 minutes.  In a large pitcher, add the cold water first and then pour in the steeped tea.  Add the peach syrup (see "note" below)
(NOTE:  If you do not have your own canned peach syrup then you may use the liquid from a jar of peaches).

Stir and serve immediately over ice.

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  1. I save the liquid from canned fruits too, and use it for all sorts of stuff in the kitchen, especially in drinks. Peach tea is especially delicious.

  2. Being a walking-live teabag and a foodist, I will have to pin this recipe. I seriously don't know why I never try this at home considering that I love drinking iced tea. Thanks for sharing!


  3. I got very thirsty while reading this, you need to stop giving me all these wonderful things, I simply don't know what to try next! lol

  4. Love peach iced tea! Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party!


  5. Great iced tea recipe. Nothing like a cold glass of ice tea on a hot summer day. Thanks for sharing this at the All Star Block party.

  6. Oh wow! You are 1 away from 200! Exciting! Love for you to stop by and return the follow. I am hosting Like Me on Facebook today. Love to have you link up your page ;)

    1. It is exciting - thanks! I'm following back & I will go to your Facebook page next (great idea - facebook hop!)
      Thanks again.

  7. Dear Angie,

    I am your 200th follower.

    Thank you so much for linking with my Wednesday Adorned From Above Blog Hop last week. I have listed your posting as one of my featured links for this week.

    Grab the link on my blog that say

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    Debi Bolocofsky

    1. Thank you so much!!! And how cool - you are the 200th follower!!
      I'm going to your blog right now to get the "featured button"
      Thanks again!


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