Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Punch from Scratch

Holiday Punch

This is an elegant and delightful Punch that is so easy to make from scratch.

What you will need:                                                                   Printable Recipe
Punch Bowl or large pitcher
2 quarts grape juice (preferably your own Homemade Grape Juice)
1 can mandarine orange slices (drained)
1 bottle Canada Dry or 1 bottle of Raspberry Seltzer water

I don't like watered down punch - so instead of using ice cubes, I always make sure that the pop and juice have been chilled in the fridge prior to making the punch.  About 15 minutes before your guests arrive - simply pour all of the ingredients listed above into the punch bowl.  It is ready to drink! 
Simply lovely!

1.  Substitute Frozen Blueberries or Frozen Raspberries for the canned oranges (this can also help keep the punch cold without watering down the punch).
2.  If you prefer a little alcohol - then subract 1 quart of grape juice and use 1 quart of wine instead.
3.  If you can find "Cranberry Canada Dry" - buy it!  It is so delicious used instead of regular Canada Dry in this recipe.

You really can't go wrong - create your own variations!



  1. Ooohhh...Looks tasty!!!
    from Blogging Buddies

  2. We used to make punch for parties when I was a kid. A lot of people in the South in those days made sherbet punch, which I didn't like. My mom made fruit punches. I loved pouring in the ginger ale to get it some fizz! Thanks for reminding me of those days!

  3. great recipe! thank you for sharing i will have to try it out :)I hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration!

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