Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Great Blog Train 21 & Giveaway - Destination: DISNEYLAND, CA

All Aboard!!!
The Great Blog Train

A monthly blog hop departing from your online train station on the first Wednesday of every month!
God’s Growing Garden

The Great Blog Train has 5 Engineers
plus a "Destination Co-host"!!
If you link up that means your blog will be seen on 6 different blogs!!!

Please meet our Destination Co-host:
Cathy from "A Peek Into My Paradise"

This month we will be travelling to Disneyland, CALIFORNIA
Also, remember to visit the DINING CAR on one of the Engineer's blogs!

If you are interested in being a Co-host for the Great Blog Train then please click HERE and fill out the form (THANK YOU!!)

The Great Blog Train's 14th Great Giveaway!!!
1 Lucky winner will win the following:

- $15 Starbucks Coffee (Gift Certificate) from Angel
- 1 Crocheted Fall Colored Coffee Cozy by Kaitlyn
(you must live in the lower 48 of the U.S.A. to win this prize - otherwise it becomes a second place prize)
 photo CoffeeCozyphotoWEQS6WVS_zps729d5009.jpg
- 1 Sidebar Ad Space on Angie's blog (you must have a blog to win this prize - otherwise it becomes a second place prize)

God’s Growing Garden

Remember to join the fun even if you are running a little late.  The last entry will receive the Caboose Feature! 

August's Caboose and featured blog happens to be:
"Adorned From Above" Congratulations!
Debi has a wonderfully inspiring blog!  This is how she describes herself & her blog:  "My name is Debi.  I wear many hats in life, but the most important things are: I am a Christian, I am a wife, and a mom.  I am many other things also, I am a designer, an artist, a baker, a chef, a photographer, and a writer.  I work in my husband's law office part time and I work at home full time.  I have named this blog Adorned From Above, because I feel that God truly adorns our lives.'

Blog Train Rules, by Angie Ouellette-Tower for
Linking up to the Train is as easy as
1, 2, 3!
 photo BlogTrain1_zps5b03f18a.jpg The Great blog Train by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo BlogTrain2_zpsf10a0b46.jpg The Great blog Train by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo BlogTrain3_zpsdc2185c5.jpg

Great Blog Train, by Angie Ouellette-Tower for

(Please checkout this month's Wonderful Sponsor)
Holli from "Holli's Hoots and Hollers"
has the most fun blog!  She is a Texas Girl and proud of it - her blog overflows with the beauty & history of that great state.
Holli's Hoots and Hollers

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  1. Great hop!! Looking forward to finding some great new blogs and visiting some old friends!

  2. Thanks for hosting! Hope you're having a fabulous week...

  3. Hi Angie,
    Thanks so much for featuring me this week. It's fun to be featured for being last. I had really wanted to make it earlier, but I was out of town last week, so I was only getting to many parties. I don't know why you couldn't link in to the party. It worked fine for me, so you may want to try again. It does seem to be working for other people also.
    Have a great week.


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