Saturday, January 16, 2016

NEEDED - 2 More Permanent CLIMB Cohosts - Sign Up Below!

We are still in need of 2 more permanent CLIMB cohosts - Please fill out the form below if you are interested in becoming a permanent week#4 Chain Linky CLIMB Cohost

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There will be no CLIMB this month  - we are regrouping to make the CLIMB even more spectacular in 2016.  The CLIMB will resume in February 2016.

Three Permanent Week#4 Cohosts
If you are not familiar with the CLIMB - It is a month long Networking Blog Hop where new cohosts are added each week for ultimate exposure. 
We used to just have a few permanent cohosts & each month we added different Guest Cohosts but this year we will have a permanent host/cohost base of 11 Bloggers.  Then, we will also add Guest Hosts month by month onto that 11 Blogger base.
Responsibilities as a permanent week#4 CLIMB Cohost:
- post the CLIMB blog hop on your blog on the 4th Monday of every month (the code will be provided by Angie from God's Growing Garden)
- promote the CLIMB during that 4th week on all of your social media sites
- become a team with the other week#4 cohosts and help each other promote the CLIMB that week
- contribute to the CLIMB Giveaway at least every other month (6 months out of a year)(there is also a Giveaway along with the blog hop each month)
- pick a "Highest CLIMBer" each month and feature that blogger in your CLIMB post: that means picking your favorite link from the previous month CLIMB Linky Party
- interact with your new followers by following them back in any way possible
We are looking for amazing Bloggers like you to become a permanent Week#4 CLIMB cohost! - please click the purple button below to sign up to cohost or click HERE!

God’s Growing Garden


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Revive those old blog posts with the "Post Swap Program"  - I will place a blog post of your choosing on my blog & then in return you will place one of my blog posts on your blog!
God’s Growing Garden
Please fill out this form if you are interested:  click HERE to view form 

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