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Essential Oil Saturdays #2 - Aromatherapy Diffuser

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Essential Oil Saturdays#2 - Aromatherapy Diffuser

Aromatherapy is defined as the "use of aroma to enhance a feeling of well-being." (Mirriam-Webster).
I'm sure that we can all think of a specific scent that creates a positive emotion or has created a wonderful memory.  Imagine smelling a fresh rose in your garden or maybe it's the smell of the sea that lifts up your spirit.  This is the theory of aroma creating a healthy way of living.
Many people believe that aromatherapy can clean the air and therefore:
- reducing headaches
- boost energy while easing anxiety/depression
- strengthen the immune system
- increase memory
- reduce pain
- and much more.........

A diffuser is an electrical tool that disperses essential oils into the air.  It is almost like a super fine mist or fog of aromatherapy.
(The diffuser below lights up when turned on and it is a beautiful purplish blue color)Checkout all of the diffusers available at
(click>): Young Living Essential Oils
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I will try to include a Bible verse each week - one that applies to the topic of the day.  This verse below talks about fragrance and mood.  Granted, music had something to do with this "gladness" but I believe it is the fragrance that brought about the joy. 
"All your robes are fragrant with myrrh and aloes and cassia;  from places adorned with ivory
the music of the strings makes you glad." 
Psalm 45:8
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Every Saturday I will share something from my own experience or feature one specific essential oil and share with you any information that I have found through online research.  If you are regular to this blog then you know that I am NOT "pushy" when it comes to selling - I just enjoy sharing anything that I have found helpful.  However, if you are interested in buying from "Young Living Essential Oils" we would be so appreciative if you would use this number: 10283796 (it is my sister's membership number & she will receive a small commission - Thank you)

This diffuser is part of the "Premium Starter Kit" available if you sign up as a member (click HERE to learn more)

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If you are interested in just ordering as a customer & not as a member then that is also possible (click HERE to learn more)
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Thank you & ENJOY!

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  1. I have this diffuser too!! I LOVE it! I have fallen in love with the stress away essential oil blend from young living. I also really like Citrus scent!! I love these two so much i've had a hard time trying anything else :) Thanks for sharing on God's Growing Garden blog hop.


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