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Jude#6 - Maintain Your Life With God


Jude #6 - Maintain Your Life with God

We continue studying the book of Jude.  There are only a couple posts left in this series - today is part six.

Most of this amazing Book of the Bible has been spent warning us about all of the evil, fake infiltrators into the Christian family/Body of Christ.  Now that we know all of the possible "apostates" to look for, we can instead focus on maintaining our own walk with God.


We should never stop growing in our Christian life - as we see in verse 20: "building yourself up on on your most holy faith."

There are 3 things that we should do for the rest of our earthly life (before we begin our "eternal life"):
1.  Pray in the Holy Spirit - we should be praying without ceasing.
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(We are supposed to pray continually!  Click HERE to view "How to Find Answers To Prayer")

2.  Keep Yourselves in the love of God
by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo BlogLove_zpsgnsnczb6.jpg
(click HERE to read a verse by verse Bible study of "The LOVE Chapter - 1 Corinthians 13")
(click HERE to view "Fruit of the Spirit- LOVE")

3.  Remembering the mercy & grace given to us through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
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(click HERE to learn the difference between "Grace & Mercy")


Finally, focus on helping those around us to either get back to their Christian walk, or help bring them to Jesus Christ for the first time and save them from eternal death.

The important sentence in verses 22 & 23 is "making a distinction" between knowing when those around us just need some compassion &/or encouragement.  As opposed to those who are so deeply deceived that we literally need to snatch them out of the fire because they have lost all God given common sense or ability to reason.  There is caution with the second category - "save with fear."  In other words, be extremely careful not to get influenced or get sucked into the evil deception that you are trying to save that person from in the first place ("hating even the garment defiled by the flesh").  

Let's ALWAYS live in the basics:
- Pray in the Holy Spirit
- Live in God's Love
- Hold onto grace & mercy through Jesus Christ.

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