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Jude #3a - Old & New Apostates


JUDE#3a - Old & New Apostates

We continue studying the book of Jude.  This is the third part but I decided to cut part#3 into two sections because there are so many Old Testament references that we must study to fully understand the meaning.  

The book of Jude is a very small book in the Bible but it is packed with many wonderful lessons to be learned.  We will be studying the entire book of Jude in seven different parts.

click HERE to view Part#2 "Contend for the Faith

In the New King James Version, the subtitle for these verses (vs 5-11) is:
"Old & New Apostates"
Let's begin by defining "apostate":

Apostate - one who refuses to obey or follow their religious faith;  abandonment of a previous loyalty.

These 3 verses in Jude that we are going to be studying today reference 3 different occurrences from the Old Testament:
1.  The consequence of the Jews not obeying God in the desert after being freed from slavery in Egypt
2.  The fall of the angels (the devil and his demons)
3.  The story of Sodom & Gomorrah


I recommend reading the entire 32nd chapter of Exodus but here is an excerpt showing what happened to those who did not obey God soon after being freed from Egypt (see Scripture passage below):


Jude is concerned that the believers at that time were falling back into their sinful ways (and this letter was written soon after Jesus' resurrection and ascension into heaven).


It is important that we learn the truth about how satan's fall occurred.  Did you know that Lucifer (satan) is a fallen angel?  He wanted to become greater than God.  Did you also know that a third of the angels went with him (were cast out of heaven with satan)?  (see Bible passages below):


Before we move onto Jude verse 7, I want to remind you about "grieving the Holy Spirit" and what that means.  When we become Christians, the Holy Spirit is sealed in our hearts.  I think of it like the 17th century practice of sealing an envelope - in that era there was a wax stamp put on the outside of a letter/envelope.  Our hearts are sealed or protected and can ONLY be opened by God.  However, when one "grieves the Holy Spirit" - that is when someone knowingly invites in a demon and is essentially kicking out the Holy Spirit.

In verse 7, Jude is reminding us about what happened in the cities of Sodom & Gomorrah.  The depravity and debauchery in those cities were so disgusting and rampant that only one family was considered decent (that would be Lot).
(In my opinion, none of these evil townspeople could have performed those shocking acts and have been filled with the Holy Spirit.  They must have been demon filled).


Here again, I recommend reading the entire chapter of Genesis 19 (actually, Genesis 18 is an important read also). but below is a small excerpt.  First I need to preface these verses with a quick summary - two angels came to the city of Sodom and Lot invited them into his house.  News traveled fast in that city because all of the men from the entire city came to Lot's house wanting to rape the two "men" (who were actually angels).  What Lot did to try to stop the townsmen was just as horrible - he offered his two daughters!!! -  Lot offered to let the townsmen have their way with his daughters!!!  Horrible!!!
Anyway, the angels helped Lot and his family escape and they were told to run to the nearest city "Zoar" but with strict conditions - they were by no means allowed to look back at Sodom.  Read below to see what happened to Lot's wife when she looked back at the city of Sodom.  


Just as egregious is how Lot's daughters tricked their father (read Genesis 19:30-38).

Below is a video about burning of Sodom & Gomorrah and the current location.  The sulfur from that inferno remains today:

a special thanks to "Expedition Bible" for sharing this on YouTube

I know that our topic today was very serious and somewhat disturbing to think about but I am reminded of a saying:
"evil triumphs when good people do nothing."
How can we stop evil if we don't even acknowledge that it exists? And if we don't find out where it's coming from?
NOT everything is "tolerable", the truth is NOT "hate speech" and the possibility of offending someone is NOT a reason to keep silent.

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