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Jude #3b - Old & New Apostates Cont'd


JUDE#3b - Old & New Apostates Cont'd

We continue studying the book of Jude.  As I explained last week, I split part#3 into two sections because there are so many Old Testament references that we must study to fully understand the meaning.  This is part#3b.  

The book of Jude is a very small book in the Bible but it is packed with many wonderful lessons to be learned.  We will be studying the entire book of Jude in seven different parts (or eight if you consider parts a & b of part three).

click HERE to view Part#3a "Old & New Apostates

In the New King James Version, the subtitle for these verses (vs 5-11) is:
"Old & New Apostates"
Let's begin by defining "apostate":

Apostate - one who refuses to obey or follow their religious faith;  abandonment of a previous loyalty.

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Both posts (last week and today) show that ultimately everything is fought in the spiritual realms.  There is a battle for all of our souls. (read Ephesians 6:12 above).  


In the verse above we learn that even archangel Michael knew that arguing with the devil was a waste of time - the devil is the father of lies.  Instead, Michael just said "The Lord rebuke you!"  This was a similar to what Jesus said in Matthew 4:10:

"Then Jesus said to him, “Away with you, Satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve.’ ”

There is power in the name of Jesus Christ!  Satan has no choice but to flee when we use Jesus' name.  If you feel oppressed by evil forces, then just say something similar out loud like:  "In Jesus Christ's name I rebuke you." or "I plead the blood of Christ - fee now!"  That is an important spiritual tool to know.

The Scripture passage below details how satan and his angels were thrown out of heaven forever.


In Jude :10 (see below) we see that these "apostates" (those who have abandoned their faith) mock God's truth.  They live and act in such evil ways and in the long run, these actions just end up corrupting their own soul for eternity.


Just in this one verse alone (see below) we have 3 significant Old Testament references that we need to read through to understand the true message of the book of Jude.  These references are:
1.  Cain & Abel
2.  Balaam for Profit
3.  Rebellion of Korah


1.  Cain & Abel

Cain was jealous and angry because Abel's offering was preferred over his own offering.  Cain murdered his own brother over this!
In verse 7 (see below), we learn that sin knocks at the door for everyone but we need to rule over it.  We can not let sin tempt us into committing an unimaginable sin.  Cain had the door wide open and invited sin inside his soul and then he killed his brother.


2.  Balaam for Profit

The king of Moab tried to bribe Balaam into cursing the Israelites.
You can see by the verse below that Balaam did not give into the extravagance and money, however, he did NOT obey God (see Numbers 22:22 - I did not include that verse below.  However, I recommend reading the entire chapter of Numbers 22 because it has a very interesting character - a talking donkey!)


3.  Rebellion of Korah

This is your typical power struggle.  God appointed Moses and Aaron but a group of 250 arrogant leaders formed a rebellion against Moses.  The Lord took care of the situation - He opened up the earth and the earth swallowed up the rebellious leaders!
(I also recommend reading the entire chapter 16 in Numbers)  


Let's summarize both Part#3 posts.
The "apostates" that infiltrated the church family during Jesus' time sounds exactly like modern day Christian corruption.  We saw in both parts how this is a spiritual battle in which we are all living.  
We also learned that the corruption from these apostates can manifest as:
- sexual immorality (Sodom & Gomorrah)
- ultimate power (Cain & Abel)
- financial gain/bribery (Balaam)
-  fame/control (Korah)

Let's use the spiritual tools that God has given us to rid our lives, families & churches of evil!

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